Comedy of Errors

My life has become a comedy of errors that’s no longer funny. I’ve been experiencing the worst kind of working relationship with my colleagues. Lately everything I do is a questioned. This has made everyday a challenge professionally, physically and emotionally.

It’s during these times that I work very hard to stay focused on my professional employee plan and my work environment. Unfortunately I can become so engrossed in trying to fix a problem that I don’t see the other responsibilities that I need to complete.

Becoming hyper focused has been a major hurdle for me professionally. I call it the 50/50 game. Depending on the situation being hyper focused can hurt or help this ADHD woman.

Lately it’s become a hindrance. I’m trying to overcome this condition through the use of scheduled alerts or specific tasks I’ve spread throughout my work day. So where does that leave me…it leaves me with two options. I can continue to play the 50/50 game or create new methods that will allow me to be more productive in every aspect of my life.

I chose to be more creative and it has led to a major change in my life. I created a planner that meets my specific needs and responsibilities.

I put all of my weekly and daily goals in this planner (creating yearly and monthly goals are too overwhelming right now). All of my responsibilities at work and at home a divided into specific tabs with pages selected to achieve the goals I’ve created.

I learned a long time ago that if one area of your life is chaotic then your entire life is out of balance. My goal is creating balance in every area of my life.


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